And time is a string of pearls...

...in your blue room.

14 May
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Hey! Well, "tiffany" is not my real name, I'm actually called Larissa, buuut...I'm not that fond of it. Tiffany is a childhood nickname and I'm more at ease with it. =D
Now that I've explained things, let's say what really matters. I'm 19, and I live in Brazil, I'm in the 4th term of college, and I will get a degree in visual arts (hopefully someday around 2012. If the world doesn't end then, that is...not that I believe it will). I love reading, writing, watching movies, tv series, and I love U2 above almost all things X) (I guess you could have figured that out). Well there's other stuff I could write in here, but I'm not really in a mood for doing basically anything. So if I get my disposition right, I'll update with more information.