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I hate it when...

...computers get a life of their own. u.u 

I thought I'd watch White Collar now, if only the sound would come out of the speakers, of course. It sucks that I didn't get a letter from Hogwarts don't know how to fix it. Plus no one says anything in the least bit interesting on Twitter, plus I wanna watch Avatar again, but apparently people are starting to think I've gotten a little obssessed about it. Such an awful mood.

My mind is in shredds

Don't EVER read this book. Unless you want to get a book, start to like the story, and then in the second one, you forget about the not-so-brilliant writing (but hey, I've read the four twilight books, I can survive anything), because it's so cute, and so lovely, and then in the last one...THIS.
Ok. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, I am dramatic, but THIS IS RUTHLESS. I have a very serious issue with characters in books, movies, yada, yada. I always get way too much involved in the stories, and when they die I cry, curse the writer, can't think of anything else for days, and when it's really an absurd death I get into a catatonic state, as it happened when I finished this stupid book, when I almost plucked every hair out of my head and got myself two sprained fingers for punching a wall that haven't stopped hurting yet.
I know there can't be happy endings all the time, I get it, I realy do. And the major reason why I can't stand twilight is because stupid-Bella and moron-Edward want everything too perfect and get everything too perfect and he's soooo selfless, sooo nice, sooo beautiful, sooo generous, oh PLEASE, F-off Edward.
I know if this book had had the perfect ending I was hoping for I'd probably be complaining that it was too fluffy, but I simply can't stand this. Still, I think if the ending had been a little less sad, a little less sweet, a little less beautiful, a little less painful, and a little less like growing up, I would have endured it better; but unfortunately, that's how it is with sad endings I guess, they're awful,and make you drown in tears but there's such beauty in a tragedy that it makes me feel sorry for Twilight. Ha.

Oh, and this is where the book title came from

" (...) Rose of all Roses, Rose of all the World!
You, too, have come where the dim tides are hurled
Upon the wharves of sorrow, and heard ring
The bell that calls us on; the sweet far thing.
Beauty grown sad with its eternity
Made you of us, and of the dim grey sea.
Our long ships loose thought-woven sails and wait,
For God has bid them share an equal fate;
And when at last, defeated in His wars,
They have gone down under the same white stars,
We shall no longer hear the little cry
Of our sad hearts, that may not live nor die."

- William Butler Yeats

About Sectionals

Ok, I'm definitely going crazy before the episode airs tonight, that's a consumed fact. I just can't wait any longer. But the small portion of my brain that is not damaged by the over amount of fangirlism does that word even exist? is afraid that not all of my expectations will be satisfied with "Sectionals".
The point is, there's a lot going on at Mckingley High, and maybe if they try to solve ALL of the plotlines at once the whole thing may end up looking a bit "shallow", for lack of a better word. As in a "to do" list, we have:

- Will and Emma (in the promo she appears at what seems to be the school in her wedding gown, what leads us to assume that she left Ken waiting at the end of the aisle so that she can run into Will's arms and swear upon her undying love for him go to sectionals with the Glee kids )

- Quinn and Finn (in the promo it looks like now everyone at Glee club knows that Puck is the baby's father except for Rachel, who is not supposed to know, or she would tell Finn and screw up his emotions, what would screw up everyone. As we're talking tv shows, and in tv shows what's not supposed to happen ALWAYS happens, it looks like Rachel will find out, but I'm not sure if I trust her enough not to tell Finn.)

- All of Glee's love geommetry (well, there's Quinn/ Finn/ Puck's triangle, which sort of could include Rachel, but I don't think so, Quinn/ Finn/ Rachel's triangle, which I think would be plausible, but it might feel a bit rushed up if Finn ends the season entirely set in Rachel's arms. And I don't think Quinn would run to Puck, given the "sexts" thing with Santana.)

An there's a lot more, I mean, there's sectionals itself, that probably will take a lot of time, there's Sue, Terri, who unfortunately can't just disappear in a cloud of smoke, and there's Kurt, who could be sued for being SO adorable, Artie, Tina, Brittany, Mercedes best voice EVER, Mike, did I forget anyone? And BRAD!!! lol

Well, I might be going crazy, like I said in the beginning, but since I don't have a time-turner there's nothing I can do to pass the time until I finally watch the episode other than sit here wondering what will happen to the charaters of the best show ever.